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We hear the debate everyday, Money cannot buy success but can it? The current and present example today is that of Manchester City. On the eve of the coming of the former prime minister of Thailand to the head of the club, Manchester City was the obscure team of Manchester. 3 years later its becoming a new household name in English football, so can money buy success.

Many people belive that no it can't and they do have some arguments. One of the last case is that of QPR, who was rebought by steel magnate Mintal. Two years later there are still in the Championship and don't look good coming up.
However if you think of it, Mintal has not invested much money into the club and though the club is paying off its debts he is not reinvesting that much. Take Chelsea for example, when Abramovich bought over Chelsea they were a good midtable team. The next year after flooding the transfer market with money, he got his first premier league and won another the next year. Even though he has not yet won the champions league, one has to admit that Chelsea in less than 3 years has become a household name in Europe.
Another example is olympique lyonnais to a lesser extent. Before Mr. Aulas bought over Lyon it was in second division. He picked up the club and dust it up and year after year they progressed reaching the first division and and eventually winning 7 titles in a row.
Last but not least is the team everyone speaks of today. Manchester City. The owners have flooded the world with money and expensive players.
Their first year they were only able to catch Robinho and everyone wanted them to prove immediately but they still didn't have the team and the new owners didn't yet have the time to build it up. A year has passed and now they have built a time and so far, so good. Money is proving them right.


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